Cov Aero provides targeted groundschool for all of its flight students. With a network of highly-qualified instructors and groundschool mentors, we can help make light work of the studying required to gain your pilot's licence.

Ground Exams

You will need to sit and pass written exams in the following subjects:
  • Air law
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Radio communications
  • Human performance
The exams are multiple choice and can all be sat at the flying club. All the exams need to be completed within 18 months and you must apply for your PPL within 24 months of passing the last exam. There are some rules concerning the number of 'sittings' that you are allowed for your exams - your instructor will advise you on this.

Books and Equipment

Planning equipment and books are available for purchase at our school's shop. The recommended text books are either 'The Air Pilot's Manual' series (published by Pooleys) or the 'J Pratt (AFE)' series.

Age Limits

There is no age restriction on flying an aircraft as long as you can reach the controls! However hours flown before the age of 14 will not count towards a licence.
  • Age 14 - Flying training can start with your instructor.
  • Age 16 - Supervised solo flight can be undertaken - without an instructor on-board!
  • Age 17 - The skills test can be taken and licence issued.

Medical Certification

You must be the holder of an appropriate medical certification before you can fly solo. For an EASA PPL(A) a class 2 medical is required as a minimum. This is issued by your local Aviation Medical Examiner, a list of which is available of the CAA website. For a LAPL a less-stringent medical assesement is required as a minimum. This can be issued by your GP; the required form and further detail can also be found on the CAA website.

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